Exercise for Belly Fat Loss

Exercise for Belly Fat Loss

Exercise for Belly Fat Loss: Reduce 6 Kgs in 30 Days at Home!

Are you really struggling to get read of your fatty stomach size?  No worries you have landed at the right place to find how you can exercise for belly fat loss within 30 days with easy exercises that can be implemented in your home.

Please consider our body as a vehicle and we are using our food as a fuel for us,  like vehicles we humans are failing to burn that out buy riding it.  

In the past year, we humans are just consumers in food like fuel and forgot to burn it in any possible ways we can and that’s the reasons which make your belly fat to an abnormal condition.

I will explain you to the proper exercises required and the diet plan to reduce the belly fat within 30 days of the time period which will help you to reduce around 5 to 7 kg depending on your hard work.

Before getting into the exercises I personally would like to mention the reasons why you have belly fat which you won’t believe.

Here are the reasons produced your belly fat:

  1. Lack of sleep
  2. Consuming 30 and oily chicken outside the street
  3. Abnormal working hours
  4. Due to high stress
  5. Excessive alcohol consumption
  6. Inactive for more hours like watching TV and web series in mobile
  7. Genetic reasons which come from your parents

Recent main causes which make your belly uncomfortable and here I am when displaying the exercises and the necessary diet to be taken to reduce your belly size faster as you are expecting.


  1. Stop taking artificial sugar which is available in stores in packed form and instead you can consume any sugar-containing foods which have natural elements in it.  for example, fruits are fruit juices that can be consumed naturally and please avoid adding additional artificial sugar to it.
  2. Consider eating egg whites everyday which consists of a hundred percent of food protein with 52 calories and this is considered to be e the best food to get it started with.
  3. And consider this protein  intake for long term process which will  result in you with guarantee reduced belly size 
  4. Please avoid carbohydrates food materials which may be solid or liquid foods like soft drinks which has more than 70% of carbs. (PEPSI, COCO COLA, Etc)
  5. At morning you can consider taking sandwiches with fresh fruits  mixed
  6. For lunch consider Halfway mark for heavy food like rice along with healthy vegetables like spinach
  7. For dinner please consider intaking of wheat chapati along with boiled vegetables like carrot, beans, and spinach


  1. Crunches: Wherever you go and whatever you do, the crunches make the perfect solution to reduce your belly fat faster than ever here is a video link where you can see how you should do proper crunches at home.  I suggest you do three sets at the beginning days of exercises, and after you cross a weak period of time make it as 4 sets with (15-12-10 counts)
Source – Mind Body Soul

2. Leg Raises: This is A simple but effective exercise that makes your lower abs with strengthening the muscle. And this will ensure your ligaments get strengthened as well.  and for this make sure you do for 4 to 5 sets for the day with 8 to 25 counts depending on your potential. This particular exercise is more often utilized by millions of people around the world and assures awesome results and considered as the best exercise for belly fat loss

Source – livestrong.com

3. Russian Twists: Which exercise will make your whole body more effectively than the rest of the exercises to the core. The main thing you should remember while doing this is you need to maintain the poses correctly.

Source – Nuffield Health

4. Side Jack Knife: This Exercise can look a little funny and tricky as well and for this exercise, you need to get the support of your One of the legs to stay in the ground and help the other leg push up.  and again you should continue this for 3 sets a day with 8 to 15 counts each set.

Source – BeGorgeousWithEsmay

5. Cross-Body Mountain Climbers: The main part used in this exercise is obliques and abdominal And this exercise will help To increase the dynamic position for plank. And again you should continue this for 3 sets a day with 8 to 15 counts each set.

Source – Nuffield Health

6. Plank:  This is the finishing touch of your abs workout, By creating High Tension in the center body this exercise will generate the core strength in abs. And you should maintain this position for 30 seconds to 3 minutes  depending on your potential for two sets

Source – Children’s Hospital Colorado

Practice the mentioned exercise for belly fat loss and diet plans which are mentioned about and you will see the results of losing a minimum of 5 kg 6 kg in a month.  As a serious note, you need to stop your junk foods and other fatty items which contain bad oils which will cause You Again back the fats with your core muscles. 

And if you want this to happen in an interesting way of approach just add this additional bonus work ok which will result in you and ensured weight loss of more than 5 kg in a month.   just go walking with 30 minutes 21 her exactly and if your Physics supports then just job for hundred meters and continue working for hundred meters, please do this for one hour every day along with the exercises and diet plans which mention in the above content. 

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